January 09, 2011


Though the gunned-down congresswoman from Arizona remains in critical condition, doctors are optimistic about her recovery and she's responding to commands. She's also reportedly inked a deal to record a cover of La Roux's recent pop smash Bulletproof.

Tasteless? I know, but I wanted to get your attention. I'm sure that Republicans' take on this is going to be that the shooter was a lone crazy. Huffpo reports that he may have ties to a hate group but I didn't have to even read the article. May have ties to a hate group? Honey, everyone who watches Fox News has ties to a hate group. (As does everyone who supports any non-news programming on Fox or reads the NY Post, but that's a different article called Let My Dumb Gay Ass Buy You The Bullets To Shoot Me With.)

The would-be assassin may have been completely crazy and only his mental illness is to blame for the attack on Gabrielle Giffords. He may have been a little crazy and egged on by people on Fox News, Limbaugh, Plain, etc. But is it really crazy to gun down someone who is saying something you don't like? Hell, it's the American way!

Look at what we're doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. We spend the most on defense and therefore can use our might to dominate two countries, one of which had zilch to do with 9/11, for almost a decade. Bush's battle cry was either "You're either for us or against us." What does that mean other than the US will gun you down or occupy your country if they feel like it because they have the capability. We'd better hurry up and dominate the world while we can because we're quickly falling behind other countries in a big way. I hope that "Live by the sword, die by the sword" mentality feels right when the sword is coming from another country to cut your stupid throat. Because we do live by the sword and people die by our swords every damn day that the news fails to report on because we need jobs. Did I forget to mention that your taxes pay for those swords and for the airfare and housing of the slashers?

Soldiers shoot down innocent Afghans and Iraqis every day because, like the guy who shot Giffords, because they disagree with them. Or because our government disagrees with them or wants to take something from them or just occupy their country for a decade to have a military base in the Middle East while deciding what to steal first. And whether you put soldiers in a US uniform, fly an American flag, a rainbow flag and sing a hymn before racing into battle, if we aren't under attack from either country--IT'S STILL MURDER!

Chalk it up to shoot 'em up video games, movies, or glamorization of criminals in gangsta rap and The Sopranos, we're a violent people. So don't act so shocked when someone picks up an actual gun instead of a virtual one. And all of a sudden, he's crazy.

The tea party is mean, dumb, broke, racist and violent. That was the platform they were voted in on. That's the platform which led to Obama's "shellacking" in the mid-terms. You didn't see it coming? It's been right under our noses. Consider these tweets from Michael Moore on the shooting:

Dem Rep Giffords shot in head in Az. Sarah Palin had put CROSSHAIRS/ BULLSEYE on Giffords on her website! OUTRAGE! http://mmflint.me/fcHmJf

When Rep Giffords voted in favor of health care bill, her office in Tucson was attacked & vandalized. http://mmflint.me/hKYtR7

Palin "set gun sights on 20 Dems (including Giffords)." http://mmflint.me/fcHmJf Palin site now seems 2 b 2 taking down crosshairs map!

In 2009, another gun nut showed up where Rep Giffords was speaking (at another Safeway) & dropped his gun http://mmflint.me/gPnApk

Giffords opponent held June event 2 "Shoot a Fully Automatic M16" to "Get on Target" & "Remove Gabrielle Giffords" http://mmflint.me/hF1BN5

When Palin put crosshairs on a map w/ Rep. Giffords & 19 other Dem congressmen/women, she urged followers to "reload" & "aim" for Democrats.

Stunning admission by Tucson sheriff: Arizona "a mecca" of hate & bigotry which unhinges the unbalanced http://mmflint.me/hOlRG8 Wow.

The last one about the sheriff really got me. Sadly, many of us (ie minorities) have often come to see police as unenlightened, brutish upholders of the establishment. And here's a sheriff literally from the Wild West expressing his horror over the craziness of the level of hatred in his district. And he's not talking about the mean streets of Tucson. He's talking about the tea party's agenda, which is right out in the open. Right next door in Nevada, failed tea party senatorial candidate Sharron Angle famously claimed that if she didn't win, it was time to use our second amendment rights and take up arms to revolt. This was one of many calls to arms by tea party candidates. Hmmm. So crazy people can easily obtain guns here and our "leaders" are urging us to arm ourselves. And these freaks live all over the country? Suddenly, Al Qaeda seems like a distant threat from the past.

And this guy isn't a lone assassin. Check out this screenshot of a facebook post on Sarah Palin's page--someone actually put their name to this!

According to him, people need to die because they are jews? Hitler is alive and well and posting on facebook. And not just gays have got to go but anyone pro-gay gets it too? And of course, liberals need to die simply because they have a different opinion from the most trigger-happy among us, who are led by a vicious woman who they tune into each week to watch as she shoots animals and clubs fish to death with her family. Shoot everyone who disagrees with you is this guy's motto. I'm glad he posted this because it shows who SOME of these people really are. And if you ask me, the comment wouldn't have been removed from facebook if it weren't indicative ofthe true feelings of many of the tea partiers--people who consider hate the government so much that the only time they want to see evidence of it is when a census worker visits them once every few years and they shoot them to say "HOWDI!"

They want more gun rights because they don't want each man be head of a household protected by guns, which can be used to settle any score. The best shot wins. It's a return to the Wild West. Don't need no education, social security or unemployment benefits cause I got mine and a gun to protect that shit with. And god forbid I should ever use one dime to help anyone less fortunate.

A facebook friend mentioned that "It's either us or them" when referring to terrorists. I don't deny that we must be watchful against people who've been proven to be out to get us. But at what point do we become terrorists? I actually saw a bumper sticker in a suburb of Philly which said "Nuke Their Ass And Take Their Gas." It reminded me of a redneck saying about whoever we were at war with which I grew up hearing "Kill 'em all and sort them out later." A pretty grim world view to proudly put something like this on your bumper sticker for all to see. After bullying the Middle East, now we're ready for a new enemy right here in our own back yard. Anyone who simply disagrees with anyone who has a gun, crazy or not.

Why do you think these people want to make it easier to get guns? According to Howard Dean, there's actually a bill currently being considered which would permit citizens to carry weapons with them inside the House of Representatives. Until now, I'd thought this was a scary idea. Now it may be necessary for our representatives' protection just so that the actual functioning of our government doesn't descend into chaos with snipers picking off politicians before important votes.

Again, I slam those of you who either voted for the tea party candidates or who stayed home and allowed this wave of crazies to overpower the vote you didn't cast. Mid-terms. No big deal. Until you're shot in the head. But I guess you'd have to take a position on something other than Kim Kardashian or Britney's new record before anyone attempts to slay you. So most of us are quite safe.