January 04, 2011


Big business as usual. Obama claims that it's "logical" to resume drilling in the Gulf under the same conditions which caused the largest oil spill in history. Just a few months ago! Too bad we're too focused on DWTS to focus on anything. Focus? Hell, we can't even REMEMBER any more.

Gulf Deepwater Drilling Resumes Without Changes To Spill Liability by Sam Stein

WASHINGTON -- As deepwater drilling returns from a months-long hiatus in the Gulf of Mexico, the protections that Congress drew up to help victims of oil spills remains stuck in legislative limbo with no clear or likely path to passage.

The Obama administration announced on Monday that it would allow 13 companies to resume deepwater drilling, which it had suspended in May during the massive BP oil spill that followed the Deepwater Horizon's April 20 explosion.

Administration officials categorized the move, which would affect a total of 16 Gulf-area wells, as a logical step for a drilling industry suffering under the ban.