October 27, 2010


As with the Rand Paul event recently where a woman was stomped in the head, here's another example of republicans using force to subdue any voice of opposition. Like the guy in Alaska who was detained at tea party candidate Joe Miller a couple of weeks ago. EXCEPT AT THIS CANTOR EVENT, POLICE WERE USED TO SILENCE THE MAN. Tax dollars paying to end freedom of speech.

The republicans are very good at staying on message. They must have gotten a boost from their base after Lauren Valles' head was stomped and wanted to create something similar in Ohio. Or maybe Cantor, who will not consent to a debate, knows that his platform of making Obama (and therefore the US fail) will not hold water if questioned. Also note: I don't believe that Cantor is considered a tea party candidate--just republican.

All I can say is that if watching the video of 3 guys pounce on one makes you think "Yeah! Use force on those a$$hole democrats", be very careful when rooting for someone who uses force to squash anyone who says what they don't like. One day, it might be you.

And how unappealing must Cantor's message be if he refuses to even explain it?