October 26, 2010


A Moveon.org member was stomped last night at a Rand Paul event in Kentucky. Several guys wrestled 23-year old Lauren Valle to the ground and then one crunches her neck/her back/her p#ssy and her crack with his foot.

The bizarre thing is that twice, the protesters try to put a blonde wig they'd yanked off her back on her head. (Kinda reminds me of one of my dates, except that I'd prefer to be bludgeoned with a foot-long than a foot.) Why would they try to put a wig back on a woman they had snatched it off of and were now stomping? The vctim had short and dare-I-say dyke-y hair so she must have seemed all the more subversive. And those glasses? She must be one of those elitists ready with one of her gotcha media questions for Rand Paul.

But before seeing any of this, I instantly sensed what her attackers were up to. They are old, white men desperately trying to restore what they know as order--sense doesn't enter into their equation. A real woman should have long, blonde hair and should stay in her place without too strong of an any kind of political opinion. Especially a gay-looking woman who is probably out to subvert traditional marriage and our military. And we're gonna get that black man out of the White House where he's been supporting mosques in NYC for his muslim brethren after rigging health care to foot the bill for his black brothers and sisters.

This is a frightening glimpse into the scary, lawless world of the tea party. We can't let them gain power. Women have been disengaged from this mid-term election and as a result democrats are suffering. LADIES: doesn't THIS video want to spur you into action and use your vote to keep these goons at bay? Please watch it. Please forward it.

A woman was punched in the face at another tea party candidates gathering recently. An Alaska tea party candidate used his private guards to imprison a reporter from a liberal blogger at his public event. You can't let reporters get at the candidates to ask any tough questions so that their moronic platforms unravel. Sharron Angle used a decoy to evade reporters once again. And Angle, Beck and Palin have continually used imagery of shooting and violence while tea partiers bring their guns to political rallies.

People. C'mon. You can't hand over the country to these freaks. This is the kind of trash they engage in during their campaign when most would be on their best behavior? Imagine what they'd do in power? Right now they're applying for the job of public office and this is how they act.

Sadly, while this video may horrify most of us, viewing it will cement the support for Rand Paul among tea party nuts seeking to restore order with violence if necessary. And the party that stomps women and punches them in the face DOES IT IN THE NAME OF CHRIST???? Lowlife animals! I thought it was traditional wisdom that a man never hits a woman? So maybe these goons aren't so traditional after all? Maybe they're out there extremists and this was a much-needed sneak peak at what they are really like?