October 26, 2010


March and Rally, October 27: Justice Not Vengeance in Clementi Suicide – LGBTQ Community Response


Under the banner of Justice Not Vengeance, Queering the Air will march and rally on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 in New Brunswick, NJ – where the Rutgers University campus is still reeling from the suicide of Tyler Clementi on September 22. This action will decry the rush to judgment of two other Rutgers students linked to the death, Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, the racist and xenophobic vitriol used against them, as well as homophobia, transphobia, and lack of safety on campus and beyond. Recognizing that homophobia is a concern that goes well beyond these two people and that our criminal justice system is historically biased against people of color, the group is using this occasion to draw attention to these larger issues.

· Existing laws cover the crimes Ravi and Wei are alleged to have committed

· Mainstream LGBT groups have called for a pile on of hate crimes, manslaughter, and new legislation

· Rutgers’ administration, while historically providing a safer space for LGBTQ youth than most other universities, can and must do more

· Our demands include taking the following steps towards combating intolerance and promoting a safer campus:

o Immediately create gender neutral and LGBTQ-friendly housing accommodations and change Residence Life screening practices to accommodate incoming students who want to live in rooms or dorm suites with people who share or are welcoming of their diversity.

o Establish a blue-ribbon panel, composed of LGBTQ and other historically-oppressed students, faculty, and staff to review policies and procedures regarding counseling and medical services, harassment complaints, outreach to vulnerable populations, and Residence Life policies.

o Commission this panel as a permanent committee and empower them to investigate the events leading up to the suicide of Tyler Clementi and to determine other steps that could be taken to provide a safer campus.

o Act promptly on the committee's findings, with sufficient, appropriate, and adequately funded services.

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The march will begin at the corner of Albany and George Streets in New Brunswick at 7:00 PM (ET). The rally, which will feature speakers from QTA and other organizations will follow at Brower Commons (directly across the street from the Rutgers Student Center) at 8:00 PM (ET).

Directions to march from New Brunswick train station:

-Follow George Street down one block (away from the Rutgers campus) and cross the street at the 4-way intersection.

-George and Albany Streets intersect at this point (look for a Wachovia Bank and a Starbucks nearby).

Directions to rally from New Brunswick train station:

-Cross Somerset Street (directly in front of the back side of the train station and intersecting George Street) and walk up one block (heading away from George Street).

-Turn right at College Avenue and follow it for about 10 minutes until you arrive at Brower Commons, which will be on the right side of the street -- 145 College Avenue.


Queering the Air, located in New Brunswick, NJ, is a queer-centric social justice organization. We believe that to confront heterosexism and transphobia, we must also fight racism, sexism, poverty, and ableism. We use lobbying, protest, and non-violent direct action to achieve our goals. We are consciously not Rutgers affiliated, but composed of students, faculty, staff, and community residents, working together to build a safer campus and a more inclusive community. Queering the Air was formed in Spring 2010.


Wednesday, October 27th – March gathers will at from George and Albany Streets at 7pm, rally at Brower Commons at 8pm.

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