July 16, 2010


PLEASE JOIN ME IN SIGNING THIS PETITION URGING A STRONG ENRGY BILL. THE MORE WHO SIGN, THE LESS THE CROOOKED CONGRESS KNOW THEY CAN GET AAWY WITH BECAUSE THIS PROVES WE'RE PAYING ATTENTION. (This will also take you to another petition which I signed which urges the gov't to stop subsidizing these oil giants who are making record profits --and we're paying THEM?


America has never been closer to passing the comprehensive climate and energy legislation we need to help end our addiction to oil and curb global warming.

But even as we continue to see heartbreaking images of damage to the Gulf coast, powerful special interests are spending millions of dollars blocking this legislation and fighting to protect the status quo. Stalling climate and energy legislation would be a big win for oil companies like BP, but a huge loss for the rest of us.

Fortunately, there's one thing we have that big oil doesn't: the support of millions of people. A majority of Americans support clean energy legislation, and millions have been mobilized like never before by the tragedy in the Gulf coast. As we enter the crucial stage of the best chance we've ever had for real climate and energy legislation, we need to make our voices heard.