June 24, 2010


HOW DO THEY KNOW WHERE THE FIRST HOVEL I LIVED IN WAS IF I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER? OH, THAT'S RIGHT. I'M STILL LIVING THERE! I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S INCLUDED AS THE KICK-OFF FOR A GAY PRIDE RIDE. If you really want to recreate my magic moments in that "historical" local of great significance, then you'll ne...ed to stumble out of the lobby bombed with a syringe in each eyeball and stagger around the streets until you've blown 20 homeless men. Well, I had some "light" nights!

Pride Ride

Pedal from Lady Bunny’s first apartment to the place where J. Edgar Hoover cross-dressed on this gay-history bike tour, Thursday 24 and Saturday 26. 10am–4:30pm; $95 (includes bike, helmet, guide and lunch). (bikethebigapple.com). Register to receive start location.