June 23, 2010


This brings back so many fantastic memories! Look for brief cameos from Willie Ninja, Candis Cayne (with her old nose!) and others whose names I can't even remember and many of them have stopped doing drag--should I take this as a hint? This harks back to a time when NYC gay life/the club scene was sizzling. 100% Pure Love was THE JAM and I was honored that Crystal dressed for the occasion in drag--which consisted of a suit and mustache. (OK, the mustache didn't stay on, but it's the thought that counts.) Crystal ALWAYS has the best dancers and I love seeing drag queens, the gays, club creatures and everything else getting down.

The year Cece Penniston performed Finally, I thought the pier was going to break off into the water from the shaking to that heavy bassline. That was one of the most thrilling moments of togetherness I've ever felt--and I hadn't even popped my hit of X yet! Even though my partner, Scott Lifshutz, didn't love the dance acts as much I did, I always included them. The slicker their acts were, the crazier that made the drag queens look by comparison. And at that time, the whole world was dancing to the beat of NYC. Show-stopping vocal house like Beautiful People and I Can't Get No Sleep. Dance divas like Barbara Tucker and Ultra Nate became regular favorites. Over the years we had musical acts as diverse as Debbie Harry, Boy George, RuPaul, John Cameron Mitchell as Hedwig, Cindy Wilson of the B-52's, Kristine W, Antony (of The Johnsons), Dean Johnson, La India, Michelle Weeks, Inaya Day, Jay Williams, Duane Harden, Byron Stingily, French Twist, Frieda, Wendy Wild, The Fleshtones and even Vickie Sue (Turn The Beat Around) Robinson! (R.I.P.)