January 13, 2010


It's very sweet that people are mobilizing to help the victims of the Haitian earthquake. This photo (from Huffpo) is heart-breaking. After the dust settles, I wonder if people are going to start putting 2 and 2 together to make the connection between the freak weather we've been having for a decade from tsunamis ...to Katrina to this earthquake and FORCE elected officials to curb their greed for the good of the only planet we have to live on. Contributions to Haiti are wonderful and there will always be freak accidents of nature which aren't related to global warming, though I think everything is related to how we've abused the planet. But we've also got to devote just as much time to stopping the cause of this freak weather and this requires a ton of work. Are you prepared to do it?

To not drive to your neighbor's house because your car has your cigarettes in it? To carpool? To recycle gladly.To remember to take your cloth shopping bag to the store to avoid using unbiodegrable plastic bags which have formed a huge island off the coast of California? To support green industry. To get involved with the organizations which hold corporations feet to the fire over their harmful emissions? And find out which politicians support measures to halt climate change and support them? If not, get used to weather disasters and warmer weather. This country is responsible for the vast majority of harmful emissions and even "liberal" Obama won't do much. Our way of life has to change--I'm guilty too. So it's up to us, folks. Maybe you have inexhaustible bank accounts to bail out victims of every future disaster. But shouldn't we also be attacking the root of the problem?