December 15, 2009


QUESTION FOR YOU YOUNGSTERS! I despise Ke$ha's # 1 downloaded song from itunes called Tik Tok. But as a dj who spins at everything from clubs to bar mitzvah's, I have to spin at a variety of events for a variety of tastes. I cringe over this one. Is this song complete crap or what? Sample lyric:

And now, the dudes are ...lining up cause they hear we got swagger

But we kick em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger

Really? Do young girls really fantasize about a 70 year old like Mick? I guess she found a rhyme with swagger but really. Her bio mentions that she broke into Prince's house in LA to play him her demo. He was horrified at the security breach and threw her out. The bio then admits she never heard from him. Is that something you really want to tell---that you are so desperate that you break into people's homes for your big break? Or that Prince did listen to it and decided as I did that it sucks and never contacted you?

What do I know? She's #1. I just wondered if this song seems cool to anyone. And I know that some young folks get off on creative spelling, but isn't Ke$ha with a dollar $ign the dumbe$t thing you've ever $een? And maybe her whiny voice resonates with her age group but to me it's just nasal and bratty. Be warned, her next follow up single is WORSE!