December 13, 2009


I'm jealous of England.

I wish the US could rise up and prosecute Bush and Cheney for war crimes. Perhaps Blair's testimony new testimony that he would have gone into Iraq with or without WMDs will force Obama's hand on the issue with some damning new revelations about his dealings with the Bush administration. I understand that as the first black president O didn't exactly want to come out swinging against his predecessors. But I'd like to see the perpetrators of these wars we're STILL losing fry so that the idiots who were so easily tricked into supporting the war can always know to VERY CAREFULLY weigh the evidence before declaring war. And then weigh it again. That goes for most Americans and almost members of Congress. I kept thinking, I'm a drag queen who has no access to the secret dossiers and such that Congress has--WHY DO I KNOW THE WAR IN IRAQ WAS TRUMPED UP AND THEY DON'T? Members of Congress voted for the war even though they knew we went in for the wrong reasons--they just couldn't afford to look weak on defense after we were hit so hard. Americans have to face the fact that as a nation we were thirsty for the blood of islamic people after 9/11. And we didn't care if they were the country who attacked us or not.

And that goes triple to the jerks that mindlessly bleat SUPPORT THE TROOPS when they don't even know what the troops' mission is! And we still don't! Lose a bunch more lives in Afghanistan so that dunces can't gripe we didn't finish what we started? Well, you shouldn't finish it if what your fool ass started was wrong to begin with. If supporting ... See Morethe troops means sending them to their deaths for nothing (or for something no one would back like making contractors and oil companies richer), then America is very supportive of their troops.


Tony Blair Iraq War WMD Admission Sparks Outrage, Calls For War Crimes Prosecution

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair's recent admission that he would have invaded Iraq even if he knew from the start that it did not have weapons of mass destruction has sparked public outrage and calls for his prosecution for war crimes in the ongoing war inquiry, the AFP reported.