April 30, 2009


Marriage equality legislation moving in Albany!

Just two days after 2,000 LGBT New Yorkers and our allies went to Albany to show the power of our community, our voices have been heard: the marriage equality bill has moved through committee and has been put on the Assembly calendar as a live bill, meaning that marriage could be brought to the floor for a vote at any time starting next week.

We need YOU to call your Assemblymember and ask them to vote for the marriage equality bill (A.7732/O'Donnell). Tell them you support marriage for same-sex couples and want them to do the same.

Assembly switchboard: 518-455-4100

Ask to be connected to your Assemblymember

(Click HERE to find out who he or she is)

The time is NOW to take action—make your call TODAY!


For Gay Couple, Fulfilling Lifelong Dream Of Marriage Not Worth Moving To Iowa

NEW YORK—Having their sworn commitment to each other and all related rights therein recognized by the highest court of a sovereign U.S. state is ultimately not worth the hassle of moving to Iowa, longtime partners Danny Mindlin and Alex Small determined Monday. "Alex and I want to grow old together, but we'd have to drive six hours just to get a mezzaluna at Restoration Hardware," said Mindlin, who claimed he "couldn't survive" without a strawberry frosted cupcake from Amy's Bread after yoga every Thursday. "And where would we summer? Dubuque? I think we'll just buy a townhouse and live in an unrecognized union with beautiful granite countertops instead." The couple told reporters that their plans to adopt also weighed heavily in the decision, since they want to raise a child who is healthy, balanced, and "not tacky."


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