April 30, 2009




Thought a laser performance (striking invisible notes in the air to “Bar A Thym”) while simultaneously programming live keys was leading edge? How about mixing flawlessly on 3 adjacent old school reel-to-reels? Those are by most standards quite impressive but just wait ‘til you SEE what the man himself, DJ/Producer Kerri Chandler has in store, forever changing the face of the DJ set. Using the very latest digital technology, Kerri will be incorporating actual 3D virtual projections of singers performing the exact tune that he’s simultaneously playing. That’s right. Holographic Performances of legendary singers Barbara Tucker, Monique Bingham, Kenny Bobien, D-Train, Arnold Jarvis, Michelle Weeks, Dawn Tallman and so many others will appear as Dance Musical apparitions singing along to the very track he’s playing in real time. As the brainchild of one of the world’s most innovative DJs, Kerri’s motive is to pay a veritable homage to the (otherwise forgotten) vocalist in a club world of one mindless track after another. He reverts to the singer’s importance, frustrated by the current state of Dance affairs and rightfully states, “I am very upset that the newer generation of clubbers coming to the parties don't have any idea, don't know or even care about the "real" songs that so many [singers] put [their] heart and soul into.”

Mr. Chandler will be launching this never-before-seen musical science at Santo’s Party House in NYC on May 2, 2009 and making the international debut the second week of May 8-10, 2009 at Southport Weekender Music Festival in the UK. Until now the stuff of TV Science Fiction and achieved on the diplomatic front with Prince Charles virtually speaking at Abu Dhabi’s World Summit, this innovation is about to beam into the club, and we intend to be front row & center. For more info on Kerri Chandler pls visit SIMPLYCOOLMUSIC.COM.