March 05, 2009


Where Have You Gone, Tyson Beckford? New Male Model Is Pale, Frail

by Simon Doonan for the New York Observer March 3, 2009

Madonna is having her Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone moment, and I for one am giving her a ferocious thumbs up. Naysayers be damned! So what if she's old enough to be her Brazilian boy toy's grandmother? Cougar Madge is rewriting the rules yet again, and more power to her. Her mojo, unlike that of everything else in the world, is clearly going full throttle. Can't we just be happy for all concerned?

Madge's current taste in men-handsome, brunet, godlike, strapping-very much mirrors my own. Maybe I am just a deeply naff person who has very conventional and cheesy ideas about what constitutes attractiveness, but I think her Jesus is cute.

In this respect, Madge and I are, however, wildly out of step with prevailing tastes. In the World of La Mode, hunks are persona non grata: Pasty is the new handsome; scrawny is the new buff; limp is the new erect; and asexual is the new humpy.
If you don't believe me, then clearly you did not attend any of the recent men's shows at New York Fashion Week. My dears, you simply cannot imagine what passes for a male model these days!

To my eyes, the new crop of runway lads are shockingly genderless. Many resemble Cate Blanchett. Some even look like Tilda Swinton. In lieu of the dashing, square-jawed Mark Vanderloos and Tyson Beckfords of yore, we saw a group of "men" so androgynous that they could easily be mistaken for a troupe of F-to-M transsexuals. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) It is hard to imagine, based on their languid, hairless, anorexic appearance, that these lads possess "equipment" of any sort.



Blogger Reavis Eitel said...

I didn't read all of the entry, but I believe lovely Tyson was in an accident and he talked about it on a talk show. I think he was physically altered, but not so badly, but his near death experience caused him to seriously value his role as a father to his kids.

12:36 PM  
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