February 20, 2009



A 95 year old Vatican scholar who surveyed Catholics favourite sins announced this week that women prefer pride whereas men go for lust.

"Men and women sin in different ways," leading Jesuit sin expert Monsigneur Wojciech Giertych wrote in the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano, “ "When you look at vices from the point of view of the difficulties they create you find that men experiment in a different way from women."

Iconic New York tranny Lady Bunny was unimpressed, telling Skrufff ‘Catholics are very misguided and I don't place any value on their proclamations or surveys’.

“Lust is a beautiful expression of natural sexual desires--there is nothing sinful about it unless you're a paedophile priest. Or is that redundant?” she laughed.

“I always feel like I have a lot of love- i.e. sex - to share and as long as someone wants it, I'm gonna’ share it!” she laughed.

The cross dressing disco diva outed herself as an atheist, declaring ‘while I feel some things are amoral, I don't classify them as sin’ though did admit to being guilty of pride.

“I broke up with a guy who hurt my pride and then lashed out at him in order to hurt him too. So I'm guilty of pride and shame in that one instance,” said Bunny.

“But I don't necessarily think pride is always wrong. A large AIDS organization has just slated me to be an honoree because I've done a lot of charity work from them. When I got the call, I felt proud. How could that be wrong? I don't go around bragging about it, but it pleases me that my efforts are to be recognized. So in short, pride isn't always a sin,” she said.

“After one Vatican official claimed a few years ago that condoms DO NOT protect against AIDS transmission, I was forced to realize that not only were these nuts responsible for so many deaths in centuries gone by, but they would still deliberately mislead their followers to their own deaths by lying about the manner in which a fatal disease is spread,” she added, “So they have zero moral authority in my book.”

Legendary Sao Paulo tranny/ performance artist Alisson Gothz was also unmoved by Monsigneur Giertych’s observations and their implications for trannies, suggesting, “I guess the most common sin for the third sex is make-up.”

“I think that lust and pride aren't a big sin for us since we carry all the bad and good qualities from both sexes, we deal with this kind of stuff differently,” she mused. “For me the biggest sin is not to believe in yourself and the need to put all your frustrations into someone else; to destroy others’ lives so you can feel better about yourself,” said Alisson.

Lady Bunny conceded however that slipping from male to female guise does affect her behaviour, revealing ‘in drag, you can get away with murder.’

“I'm shyer without my wig, but if I am dolled up, I'll march into a club and start grinding on the hottest guy in the place. Drag pushes your adrenaline button and makes you pretty fearless,” she added. “And one more odd thing I wanted to mention, Catholics seem to make the best lovers,” Bunny laughed, “though maybe that’s because I like Latino guys.

Sex talk aside, Bunny admitted she has little time for Catholic concepts of Heaven and Hell, saying ‘I think we are born, we live, we die and we rot.”

“Because life is hard, people of different religions cling to these notions that there is a second chance in another world. Grow up, people!”

Alisson Gothz took a different tack.

“I hope I can go to Hell when I die, at least for a quick vacation,” she chuckled, “Sid Vicious, Lux Interior and Cleopatra are all there so it must be fun.”


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Thank you Miss Bunny for sticking it to the Catholic Church and the Vatican. I love it when you bash the bishop! :D

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