February 18, 2009


Some schmuck of a pastry chef has baked 'drunken negro head" cookies. Watch the video--the guy actually told at least 2 customers that Obama will get his just like Lincoln did. I'm all for irreverent humor, but these stone age bastards just can't get past the fact that a black man is our new commander in chief. This bakery happens to be 2 blocks from where I live. I'm actually shocked that they're still open because their baked goods are so lackluster that they don't even tempt my fat ass and I pass this shop almost every day. Click on the link to watch video.



Blogger Reavis Eitel said...

It's terrible, but I wonder if there is rum in them?

What' also terrible is it's reported by Fox, and this is w hole different awful thing ; Fox, a republican network that was hideous towards the Obama campaign, now balancing their continued subtle acts of divisiveness towards the new administration with a cavalier obvious easy tug at our indignation at racism. It's an easy shot and the whole clip looks like an onion spoof. Yes it's awful and hateful (and sad, very sad), but it's obvious and cliche that fox would go after this - that network is such a freak show in ties.

1:18 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

This was absolutely shocking to read/see. I really think people should have to take an intelligence test to be able to reproduce in this country.

Anyway, I was working on a post about when I saw you DJing on a Thursday, and I remember you mentioning the blog. Thanks for posing for the picture (it should be up by Thurs or Fri).

5:04 PM  

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