November 23, 2008


FROM POPEATER: (Nov. 21) - Actress Carrie Fisher reveals in her new book 'Wishful Drinking' that life as Debbie Reynolds' daughter was anything but ordinary. Fisher, most known as her role as Princess Leia in the 'Star Wars' trilogy, reveals the dirty details of her life including her mother's suggestion that Fisher have a baby with her stepfather.


I love that a mature author would use this shot her publicity photo! I actually recall someone telling me that he'd hung out with Carrie and Marianne Faithful in Paris and that their partyin' tales were a riot.

And even though it was a little before my time, I was aware from a pretty early age that there had been a romantic flare-up between Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, Carrie's dad when Fisher dumped perky blonde Debbie for the sultry raven-haired temptress La Liz. I try to compare the well-publicized scandal with whatever "scandal" it is that keeps Jennifer Aniston on the front page of EVERY magazine! She gets a haircut and it's breaking news for housewives.

I wasn't a fan of FRIENDS, Anniston's hit TV series, but hit movies haven't earned her tabloid queen status. So I can't figure out what her appeal is, unless real women identify with a girl-next-bore type who had her man snatched by a temptress like Jolie. Brad and Angelina have had what, like 3 kids since Brad and Jen (I hate to even prove how popular she is by using an abbreviation of her name!) and yet one magazine on stands now (I might write for it) is claiming that Angelina undressed on the set of one of Brad's films to lure him away from Jen. How old is that for a headline--4/5 years? Why are we stll so hungry for tid-bits on this affair?

What really irritates me is that when the Liz/Debbie/Eddie scandal occured, they were all 3 A-list entertainers at the top of their game, so their affair's press coverage seems warranted. What are Jen's hits? Even Brad and Angelina, though they have a large body of work, don't really seem to have the hits these days. They've kind of ascended to this odd Sharon Stone level, where they're considered A-list without really seeming to have earned it. Sharon had 1 major hit and the big budget CASINO, which didn't really ignite the world. It seems like tabloid readers would focus more on the stars of the big movies of the day. But they keep coming back to Jennifer. In my mind, Carrie Fisher is permanent Hollywood royalty by virtue of her parents. Her only major hit was STAR WARS. Am I totally off-base on this? Can someone explain Braniferlina's appeal to me?


Blogger twunty mcslore said...

It's classic good girl wronged by the bad girl husband stealing man eater. Old as time.
By the way, Carrie was in Shampoo, wasn't that a hit too?

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