July 04, 2008


I rejoice at any backlash against the dull-ass no talent Posh Spice, but this is political correctness at it's most retarded. Transsexuals are threatening Posh because a designer she likes uses the term "hot tranny mess"? Give me a break! The more I read the comments of the protesting transsexuals, the more this sounds made up. The trannies insult Posh even more viciously than Christian's hot tranny mess comment. I also doubt that Posh is "living in constant terror"--is The India TImes a reputable paper?

And here's a goof. I recently dj'ed in D.C. at an early event. When a D.C. pride organizer heard that I'd be i town, he got me to fill in for Frenchie Davis, who'd had to cancel her performance at a Mr and Mis D.C. Pride Awards show. Part of my payment? A dress by Christian! So look out for this hot tranny mess in a hot tranny dress!

By ANI on Monday, June 30, 2008

Victoria Beckham is living in constant terror after being dragged into a war of words between her favourite fashion designer and a group of furious transsexuals.

The whole drama started when Posh Spice’s fashion designer pal Christian Siriano offended LA’s gender-bending community.

The 21-year-old Christian, who himself has admitted that he’s gay, was forced to apologise to “he-she” groups for using the term “hot tranny mess” on TV to describe frocks he doesn’t like.

He further made the “snip-tuck” brigade angry by saying in a magazine interview: “If you think of heterosexuals, they have white trash women and trailer parks and we have drag queens and trannies.”

Following the spat, Victoria has also become a target as the transsexuals believe that she’s championing Christian’s career.

“How dare she support this freak. She might not have to worry about physical attack but boy is she going to be embarrassed when 50 of us turn up at her next public function and tell the world what we think,” The Daily Star quoted LA transsexual Dawn, as saying.

“No one’s designs are going to do anything for an emaciated stick insect with sparrow legs like her. She might as well stick to the kind of ho-bag outfits we usually see her in. Come to think of it, she’d probably fit in quite nicely in a trailer park,” Dawn added.

Another source in the transsexual community in LA said: “Siriano has made himself a target because of his hateful comments.

“And now Posh is a target too, by default, for giving him her support.” (ANI)