July 04, 2008


A new artwork from Star Queen inspired by my mother's cunt. I'm no art critic, but I think she's onto something here. Star lives in Nashville and my mom lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but the two cities are far enough apart to where I hope that my mom's labial smells aren't detectable hundreds of miles away. Of course, Star did misspell palsy by adding an e--or is this a knowing hint at an anagram (if you add an r) for parsley, widely known for it's breath-freshening powers? Or is Star referring to her own mom, and the illustration has unearthed long-buried fears of my own mother's vagina? I just love ol' art!

PS: Star Queen now has her own entertaining blog which can be found at ISTARQUEEN.BLOGSPOT.COM. She is currently featuring that dynamite clip of Serena (Sabrina's of BEWITCHED's mischievous dark-haired, swinging sister) singing the divoon BLOW YOU A KISS IN THE WIND. Check it out. And here's a pic of Star Queen as Claudia Schiffer.