July 03, 2008


VIA HUFFPO (where you can see a larger image)

I mean, you know that Fox perverts the news with some nasty tricks. But are we really so shallow we'd more readily disagree with a talking head on the news if they're less attractive? I've read articles about how attractive people succeed more easily in life. Since I was in tears throughout the article, I can't remember much of it. But look at how Fox has altered the faces of the NY Times reporters they call Attack Dogs. The guy on the right has had his nose enlarged. Both men's teeth are yellowed. The guy on the right side has dark circles added--perhaps for a little touch of the evil middle eastern man's eye look?--and his hairline has been thinned out. Oddly, he's also had his face lengthened. Gee, you mean a long face is unattractive? Shucks!