May 05, 2008



As this tough, terrific, and well-made exploitation gem once again proves, there's nothing as sexy as a really wicked woman. Shrewd, conniving slut goddess Stacey Kane (MEG MYLES) is a second-rate stripper in a third-rate carnival. Startled when she finds her junkie ex-husband lurking in her dressing room, Stacey promptly steals every cent he has and hops on a plane for New York. Possessing a surprisingly strong singing voice, Miss Kane auditions for a job at a nightclub run by a terse, wide-eyed lesbian named Pepe (Dark Shadows' GRAYSON HALL) who is soon trying to turn the tramp into a lady -- at least for the paying customers. Things get quickly complicated, however, when Stacey shacks up with of the club's owner, Arnold Kenyon (MIKE KEENE), while having an affair with his son (ROBERT YURO). But when her junkie ex-hubby once again pops up in her dressing room -- this time with a knife -- Stacey beats the crap out of him and sends him off to kill Arnold... Great, gritty exploitation which packed a hell of a wallop in the more innocent days of 1962. - Something Weird

And if you enjoyed that, check out the other SOMETHING WEIRD videos, like SINDERELLA AND THE GOLDEN BRA, below.


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