May 02, 2008


And mingles with some well-known scenesters.

From her recent NY POST column:

April 28, 2008 -- THE musical "Cry-Baby" brought out musical types rarely seen at Broad way openings. Like Blondie's Debo rah Harry with Miss Guy. Miss Harry I know. Miss Guy I don't know. Even after we talked I still don't know. While I stared at Miss Guy, Debbie Harry tore up a paper she was carrying and, no place to dump it since she had a teeny evening purse and I was schlepping a giant tote, threw the million pieces into my Valentino handbag. After that I turned to Miss Guy. He's a he. Said This Person:
"I used to do drag, and instead of going by a girl's name, I just added the word 'Miss' in front of mine. I like special names. My band was Goon Squad. My band before that was called Toilet Boys. Even though we opened for Blondie, my mother didn't like the group. She didn't appreciate our name."

(Cindy actually mixed it up--Goon Squad is Guy's new band. Toilet Boys was the old one.)

Moving right along, I then met something called Chris March. Wearing a leopard-print evening shirt. He made the final four on "Project Runway" but "they eliminated me because my dress was of human hair." Oy, God, why me? After being Debbie Harry's wastebasket, it's Miss Guy and the Toilet Boys followed by the human hair dressmaker. "It wasn't off someone's head, it was hair extensions," he explained. Oh, much better. I'll take three.

Chris now has his own studio, is writing a book and has done a pilot for his own fashion reality show.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE Miss Harry, but has she gone kai-kai with that Miss Guy?

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For someone whose shtick is that she's such a New Yorker and presumably has seen it all, that Cindy Adams sure seems like an annoying twat. A man dressed as a woman? Yikes! We're to believe she's somehow surprised by this idea, from a woman who probably lent her own panties to Milton Berle.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"then I met something called Chris March"
Fuck off Cindy Adams.

8:59 AM  

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