October 25, 2007


OK, everybody, take out a piece of paper and write down today's lesson points from the Bush administration Ministry of Disinformation (a.k.a., the White House website):

Islamofascism - Bad! (nuclear war, invasion, death)

Islamofashion - Good! (smiles, happy, love)

Of course, nobody at the White House is using the word 'Islamofashion,' but they should be. A quick look at the first web site reveals a picture of the First Lady in Saudi Arabia wearing a women's head scarf, a tradition often referred to as wearing the ħijāb ('veil,' حجاب) or more specifically the khimār ('headscarf,'خمار). Meanwhile, George W. Bush's allies are fanning out across the nation screaming 'Islamofascism!' to anyone and everyone who will listen.

Happy in the Hijab

The headscarf, of course, is not new to U.S. diplomacy. What's new is the 'Islamofascist' right-wing hysteria now shaping the political debate in which the headscarf suddenly reappeared.

In April of 2007, Nancy Pelosi was photographed on a diplomatic visit to Syria wearing the ħijāb, leading right-wing pundits and their readers to conclude that an American diplomat who wears a khimār is appeasing fascism:



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Finally first lady style returns to the white house

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