August 09, 2007


I'll be in P'town performing at the A House (aka AA House!) this week-end, but superstar dj Junior V. will fill in with an emphasis on Paradise Garage classics--and he was there so it should be great! It's this Sunday and here's the info:


Christina Visca Presents a special edition of DISCO TEA
Sunday August 12 7pm till 2 am

"The Godfather of Disco" A Tribute to the Paradise Garage and West End Records

Featuring Superstar DJ/Producer Junior Vasquez
Also featuring: selections from "The Godfather of Disco: Pioneer, Activist, Survivor: The Critically Acclaimed forthcoming Movie based on "My life at Paradise Garage: Keep on Dancin'" by Mel Cheren

Performance by Jason Walker debuting his rendition of Carl Bean's "I Was Born This Way"

Two for One Drinks
$1 Beers before 9pm

$5 from 7-8
$10 from 8-10
$15 10pm till 2am


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I could be there. I love your blog! I never realized you were so smart.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Star Queen said...

That is a super fun sone "I was born this way" and honey she was singing that song for us at a time when the notion would have surely been utterly skoffed

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

never realized bunny was so smart? i don't know bunny personally but she's underestimated incredibly. anyone ever hear her songwriting skills? she's brilliant in many, many ways...

12:30 AM  

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