July 03, 2007


How perfect for the me generation--dolls made to look like themselves, the only people they care about! "Artisans" craft your Twinn TM likeness and you can even send them in for a makeover for only $35, which includes:

Wash & restyle hair
Re-paint lips, cheeks and freckles
Clean arms, legs & face
Replace eyelashes

Hell, I wouldn't mind one of those for $35! Too bad they don't have a NYC location.

Now imagine that made a boo boo on your widdle arm--now your doll can too! Misery loves company, and you too can play with matching casts. The Doll Hospital even treats more serious disorders...

I realize that I'm a little past the doll age, but does this seem odd to anyone else? I know I have a lot of pre-school readers. Imagine the despair if someone asks a child, "Where on earth did you get that hideous doll?" "Boo hoo hoo! I had it made to look just like me!". Or what if a child is so unattractive that the artisans can't craft all of her deformities? Sorry, but we don't carry facial birthmarks or hunchback at MYTWINN.COM.