June 01, 2007


We do have a "love scene" in Ru's new film STARRBOOTY: RELOADED. You can watch the trailer and read synopsis here and here's an interview which appeared in last week's HX mag.


Ru, you're back on the big screen! And you're playing a bombed-out street hooker in plenty of ridiculous outfits. Are you worried that Shequida may claim you've stolen his act?

Oh Bun-Bun, You are terrible!

Seriously, were you recognized on location in the StarrBooty look?  It's quite different from the the polished glamor gal we've come to  know RuPaul as.

The horny truckers and meat packers didn't give a flying fluke who I  was. They just wanted to get their meat tenderized... and I would  have been more than happy to oblige, but I had no extra time between  producing and starring in the movie. But I must say, doing "hooker  drag" is so much more fun than doing "glamazon". It makes you wanna  be naughty.

Interestingly enough, much of the film is shot in the meat market,  where you,  Lahoma van Zandt and I use to live as roommates. Lahoma,  who many will remember as the Roxy's long-standing (and occasionally  falling) toilet paper-twirling hostess, even came out of her almost  decade of retirement for her role. What kind of drugs did you bribe  her with--loads of coke and ecstasy or a case of Geritol and a few  bumps of Doan's?

The funny thing is, we didn't have to bribe her with anything. She  was more happy to lend her ample talent to our sick and truly twisted  little production. New York City has become so homogenized since our  reign of debauchery during the glory days of nightlife, that everyone  we asked to be in the movie jumped at the chance to serve up some  good old fashion subversion.

Surely, you noticed the drastic change in our old neighborhood--it's  ridiculously upscale. How did the Sex and The City wannabes on  cellphones seated at bistros react to the low-rent hooker drag--which  used to rule those fetid, cobbled streets?

They were too busy shopping and texting to notice us. It also helped  that we filmed most of the hooker scenes on the few streets left that  are still dripping with blood from the meat trucks.

Speaking of dripping, The cast boasts boner-fide porn stars, drag queens and bulldaggers from the NYC scene, including Candis Cayne,  Gus Mattox, Dee Finley and Ari Gold. What required a wider angle  lens, my wig, Michael Lucas's cock, or Sweetie's gut?

The widest angle lens we used was for your cock, M'lady!

I guess that was the shot you drugged me cuz I don't rememmber "shooting" that one! (Were we safe?) You wrote the script and it was directed by the hunky Mike Ruiz. How  did you two hook up?

Mike is a fabulous photographer, and we've worked together several  times over the years. After he directed the music video for my song  "Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous", we decided to make a feature film  together. We share the same rotten sense of humor, so it was a  perfect fit.

I understand that along with the comical fight scenes, there is  actually some male and shemale nudity in the film. So how would you  categorize StarrBooty, comedy, drama, or porn? And what would it be  rated?

There is alot of full frontal nudity in the film. In fact, after we  saw Another Gay Movie, we went back and filmed more penis footage.  The goal here was to make people laugh, to get people excited, and to  be the antithesis of the bullshit politically correct culture we've  become. I think the film should be rated G.

Is there a message to StarrBooty, or is it strictly for laughs?

There is a message to StarrBooty and it is this... laugh more.

Starrbooty will soon hit "femme" festivals beginning with NYC's  prestigious Newfest. But for those who can't make the screenings,  where will your "booty" be available?

The film will be available on DVD this fall.


Blogger JohnnieD said...

HEY I am a big Fan of Rupaul's and equally a Big fan of yours so if you could keep us posted on this movie that you are both in I would greatly app. it

I think it will be AWSUME!

Love your biggest Fan


10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am lipstick panties in the garage for you sweet sweet times hide in the under she stairs

mess mess

clean it all up get mama's toes all wet

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Blogger Star Queen said...

Okay, Miss Peg, girl, get it gurl!

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