May 27, 2007



Thinking of having a little nip and tuck? In our little Q&A, Jocelyne Wildenstein provides some things to think about before surrendering to the surgeon's scalpel.

Jocelyne, why do so many women decide to have plastic surgery?

There are so many reasons, it is up to the individual I suppose. Some women have surgery to slow the march of time, some decide to go under the knife to correct a perceived flaw and some decide to do it when their husband is threatening to not only leave them for a 21 year old Russian model, but cut them off their financial support and the only way they can think to save the marriage is to turn themselves into a replica of his favourite jungle animal.

All very valid reasons, all very personal reasons.

What if a woman can't afford plastic surgery - are there any alternatives you can suggest?

Yes I recommend she develop a personality and learn to bake.

No, what I mean is, are there any non-surgical procedures you can recommend?


How does one go about choosing the right surgeon?

It depends on your needs of course but there are a few things I've learned during my journey that I would like to share.

It is impossible to hold a medical degree from the University of Papaya as Papaya is not a country, you should never have to walk through a transmission shop to get to the clinic and avoid places that require a secret knock.

Clean well appointed premises are a good sign and you can tell a lot about the surgeon by his clients. If the surgeon has a photograph of Mary Tyler Moore or Carol Burnett in the lobby consider that a good sign.

SORRY, JOCELYN! But Mary Tyler Moore looks like Skeletor and Carol Burnett's face as looked positively broken since the 80's! But read on, Jocelyn is very amusing and dare I say catty?



Blogger Aaron said...

She's not joking, either, is she?

Dear God. And she has the gall to criticize Joan Rivers's surgery?? Seems like those two are in the same boat (the one that carries all the eye drops, because they can't use their eyelids anymore).

12:15 PM  
Blogger Star Queen said...

Love her

I used to think she wasn't real like the joker

2:52 PM  

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