May 27, 2007


Of course, any peace plan that starts of with attacking and occupying the region is doomed. Here's the latest peaceful development. You might wanna hurry up and visit Israel before it's blown to smithereens.

Twelve Middle East Countries Aim For Nuclear Programs

LA Times | Bob Drogin, Borzou Daragahi | May 26, 2007 11:19 AM

As Iran races ahead with an illicit uranium enrichment effort, nearly a dozen other Middle East nations are moving forward on their own civilian nuclear programs. In the latest development, a team of eight U.N. experts on Friday ended a weeklong trip to Saudi Arabia to provide nuclear guidance to officials from six Persian Gulf countries.

Diplomats and analysts view the Saudi trip as the latest sign that Iran's suspected weapons program has helped spark a chain reaction of nuclear interest among its Arab rivals, which some fear will lead to a scramble for atomic weapons in the world's most volatile region.