May 26, 2007


Edwards "Not Comfortable" with Gays According to New Book
by Kilian Melloy
EDGE Boston Contributor
Friday May 25, 2007

Senator John Edwards "not comfortable" with gays?
Presidential hopeful Senator John Edwards has been quoted in a new book as saying of gays that he’s "not comfortable around those people."

Edwards, currently in the running for the Democratic nomination for the 2008 Presidential election, was quoted in a new book by Bob Shrum, a Democratic strategist, according to an article in today’s Washington Post. Reporting on the Post story, Washington Blade Online blogger and Managing Editor Kevin Naff quotes Shrum as asking Edwards, "What is your position, Mr. Edwards, on gay rights?"

According to Shrum’s book, Edwards, who at the time of the question was running for a seat in the U. S. Senate in 1998’s midterm elections, answered, "I’m not comfortable around those people."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just this week, the Human Rights Campaign went public with Edwards's answers to their questionaire on gay-rights issues. His answers are a dream-come-true to a gay-libber like me!

And then, just days later, this vague, old second-hand story about him not "being comfortable" around gays is unearthed. I don't need him to be comfortable around us--I need to know how he'd goven, and he went on record, this week.

I wonder what Hillary's answers to these same questions will be...not as good as Edwards's, judging from how she speaks about us in public. That makes me feel not-so-comfortable!

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry! Here is the link to Edwards's answers

9:33 AM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

You are right, Larry. The link in my posts goes on to cast doubt on the validity of this old claim, especially when there is a book to be sold by the gay accusing Edwards.

But I say "Grill them all!" and I wish the HRC had asked him "Apart from your official positions, are you comfortable with those people?" Obviously, he spends a great deal of time in a hair salon!

11:05 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

"Obviously, he spends a great deal of time in a hair salon!"

Obviously not--because one of us would look at that dye job and say "Guuurrrl, you can't be buyin' that shit out the Winn Dixie!" :-)

10:41 PM  
Blogger Star Queen said...

So the fuck what

What's new

I'm a freak and some fuckwad politician is uncomforatble about it

you know he's no more uncomfortable around me than I am around him

The bible that all these conservachristians tout as words to live by-the main character of the gospel always hangs out with people who I am certain fit the description of the type of people who make John Edwards uncomfortable of whatever the fuck he said

Bitch, please

We are all stuck here together so either fucking kill me or get the fuck over it and get you a little bible study together and pray about it, bitch

You gonna be alright, girl, I'm a pray fu yu

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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