March 12, 2007


A clip from John Waters' MONDO TRASHO. I guess I need to rent this one--never seen it. Love the way the girls are overing their mouths to cover dubbing later! PS: What is a "muffin queen"?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

A "muffin queen" must be a reference to "muffin top," meaning the roll of flab that hangs over the front and sides of a chubby chick's pants. Divine is rockin' a severe muffin top here!

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I called my drag mother up and asked her what a muffin Queen is, she said it means "Not of the marrying kind" a man who is nicely poised or good with colours and fabrics.
eg "Has your son found himself a nice girl and settled down yet?"
"No, Well you know my son he's a Muffin Queen."
"Still a male prostitute then?

6:19 PM  

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