March 20, 2007


You may wanna check out this funny blog, uniquley done in a stylish black and white format. The very funny and insightful posts fake news stories such as Naomi Campbell's Mopping Tips (she's begun her community service for NYC's Sanitation Dpt.) and Hillary's flip-flopping on gay rights. Here's a sample:

Hillary's Current Favorite Homosexual Position

From the desk of Sen. Hillary Clinton:

"After days and days listening and dialoguing and communicating and conversing with you, the American people, I have decided to clarify my clarification regarding earlier remarks designed to clarify my position on the alleged immorality of all things faggoty.

First let me say that I am a woman. A female. I have an "inny" rather than an "outie" and that means I like to talk and listen and converse and talk. It also means I can say something, then listen to someone talk about why what I said is wrong. Then I can say that I agree with them, which might seem like a flip-flop but it's really just me, a woman, practicing my woman's perogative, saying what I think is right in a particular situation, and changing my mind cause I'm a woman. I look forward to having future dialogues about that conversation.

Earlier this week, as I was listening and dialoguing with the Gay Men's Health Crisis, General Pace was stating in an interview that he viewed homos to be immoral and felt vomity and irregular when he visualized what exactly two grunts might do in a foxhole. Then I, a woman, having finished listening to those gay men dialogue about their health crises, was asked if I agreed with the General's inconvenient remarks. I believe I responded by pointing to the sky and screaming "Oh my God! What's that??" Then I ran away when the question-asker looked up."


This blog also brought to my attention a Ukrainian drag queen from the Eurovision contest named Verka Serduchka. The author savagely, if cleverly attacks her music, dancing, weight, etc. And hey, I'm a plump dragoon who is trying to make music and perform as well so I tend be supportive of other gals, but honey!, this polka trancen tanzen jam with the Sister DImension pointy mirrored headdress doesn't quite translate for me! But I do give the girl credit for building excitement with not one but two modulations up in key for that frenzied climax effect. So I'll let another blog read her to filth--and do check out her video! I'm not sure that Can O' Whup-Ass realizes that Verka intends to be a comic take on a doughy, traditional babushka, which is clearer in her other videos. And she has a beautiful website, but it's in russian!

Chernobyl's Sad Legacy: Verka Serduchka

KIEV -- Eurovision, the lamest contest ever, is gearing up for quite a battle. It would appear that the Chernobyl-poisoned land of Ukraine has spawned one Verka Serduchka. She's a horrifying drag queen whose disco act is defiantly tacky, and aggressively retarded.

Not all of her countrymen are thrilled with the notion of this unholy collision of polka, disco, and transvestitism representing their beloved (albeit dangerously radioactive) country in the Eurotrash song contest. Her substantial effigy has been burned. Burly vodka-soaked men are slurring rude things about her in Russian and menacing the restive streets of dazzling downtown Kiev.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

star potential..............I think she's tremendous

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She will have stiff competition from Denmark's entry in this year's eurovision song contest, it's also from a drag queen "DQ Drama Queen" though I do prefer Verka's entry. Lady Bunny we need you to represent the UK in next year's contest, we haven't won it since 1997. I'd have a go at doing it myself but I sound like a fog horn.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the Whup-Ass Master (the dazzling Lady Bunny generously gave my blog a shout), and must clarify: I worship Verka. I think her retarded disco act is high art. I believe what the universe needs most is to see Bunny and Verka do a disco scat-singing polka medley.

5:23 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

Raspberries! --LB

9:18 PM  

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