January 02, 2007


SOUL-SHAKING PERFORMANCE FROM THE 1982 TONY AWARDS! A queen in Atlanta named Bertha Butt almost had a heart attack every time she launched her 300 lb ass into this sizzler. (She did finally die of a heart attack but not onstage.) They'd have to start the song over 2/3 times just so that the line of tippers could get to her.

If you are interested in other Jennifer Holiday tunes, I just got a few on itunes. Check out NEVER COMING DOWN (This Game of Love), JUST LET ME WAIT, and the original NO FRILLS LOVE--not the remix which came out a couple of years ago. Itunes doesn't offer Jennifer's I'M ON YOUR SIDE, but she's singing it on youtube. Truly one of the prettiest songs I've ever heard.