January 13, 2007


Like all of you, I receive a lot of spam. Sometimes you can spook the spam by the sender's name, like the sex emails I've gotten recently from a Gallivant R. Blackberries. Is someone who oesn't speak english thinking that Gallivant R. Blackberries is a distinguished name which people would wanna open mail from? Or is someone in this country just thinking of a moniker so twiste that you're more likey gonna open it? Well, to a gibberish-lover like myself, I not only open them with glee, I re-post them as blog entries! You gotta hand it to me--what other blog is crap enough to re-post spam?

This one really takes the cake and I swear I didn't make any of it up. How could spying on nude neghbors possibly be connected with pennyroyal, which of course I recall from my childhood excursions into witchcraft. (Pennyroyal is a minty, european plant used in a lot of spells.) And after displaying such a tip-top vocabulary, whatever sent this adds a sassy tag line with "ain't" in it.

Hi, Maria

Spy On Nude Neighbors
We spied on beaches, houses, dorms,
and more you can see
>> http://geocities.com/arDGeftpCu

>> voluntary punky, contractual citron banks ?
punish solution cautious.
>> electret chaucer .endgame debater videotape leatherwork annalen impunity act pennyroyal snowball.
nomenclature! areaway concatenate. haggard overhang toilet pomp turntable syntheses. sand homogeneous pupil rectify chicagoan tuscan.

And he's inherited mine which is fine ain't like either of us mind


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you weren't supposed to post that message, bunny. it's a very potent wiccan spell meant to cause uncontrollable farting in anyone who reads it.

12:48 PM  
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