November 12, 2006


Golly gosh. I thought I was looking halfway decent the night I attended Heatherette's fashion show in Bryant Park. I posed for Timothy Greenfield-Saunders apres le show but apparently, my "style" doesn't translate acraoss the Atlantic. (As if it does on this side!) Anyhoo, the pic ended up in a book about backstage at fashion week.

From today's UK TELEGRAPH:

Look: Portraits Backstage at Olympus Fashion Week.

There are those you would expect to see, such as Nicole, Lindsay, Paris, plus some more unlikely characters - whoever took Salman Rushdie for a fashionista? - along with a few downright oddballs such as the drag queen Lady Bunny in her matching faux-zebra coat and boots.

'The tents have become the place where the fields of fashion, Hollywood, music, television, sport, business, society, even porn come together,' Greenfield-Sanders tells me when I join him during a frenetic evening at the shows. 'This book offers a glimpse into that amazing mix, and there are people from all those worlds in there.'

Well, at least I was matching. And for the record, it was a zebra cape! Hmmph!