November 12, 2006


OK, so I know I go on about myspace in a last ditch attempt to appear youthful, but not everyone on there is an underage internet slut. There's also Edna. Edna Klink, to be be precise.

This li'l darlin' is a 94 year old swinger who writes poetry. Like this one she wrote just for Thanksgiving!

Howdy Folks, Edna May Klink here. Thanksgivins gettin pretty dang close so's I writed all my friends a real purty Thanksgivin Prayer/Poam. If Yous like it maybe you can cut it out and read it to your kin at the dinner table on thanksgivin day. Edna

Dear Lord,
Bless the roaches that crawl on our floor
Bless the garbage we throw out the door
Bless the scabbies that are on my feet
Bless the possum we are about to eat

Dear Lord,
Bless the bar-room where we dance and drink
Bless Billybob in spite of his stink
Bless my new teeth which help me eat meat
Bless the dancin boots I wear on my feet

Dear Lord,
Bless my dawg Blue and the coons he's treed
Bless the roadkill from which we feed
Bless my trailer its such a beauteful place
Bless myspace folks there the friends I embrace

But Most Of All Dear Lord,
Bless our soldiers that fight in Iraq
Bless our outhouse that sits out back
Bless my family and all their brats
Bless my hounds and my 22 cats

Check her out at EDNAKLINK!


Blogger archive said...

and may I just take a moment here to say what a sweet soul and also what a wonderful bunch of friends with whom she is associated on her MySpace profile, so weet, really put the Down syndrome back in "Down home."

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howdy Folks, Earl Ray Klink here, Ednas son/brother. Ma says to thank youal for them kind words.She aint feelin to well today cause shes gots the scabbies again on her feets,but have a happy day,,,Earl Ray Klink

1:22 PM  

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