September 09, 2006


Occasionally, a day will go by when I don't think of Ann-Marget. What a mistake! Is she really that gorgeous and talented and sexy or did she just happen in the perfect period for her? Of course, she has a similar scene in Tommy years later and seems to have weathered several generations. I hope she watches herself on youtube! Of course, I guess she has the originals of all this! Ya gotta catch this magic clip:

FROM YOUTUBE: It's from the movie "The Swinger" from 1966, and it features as that blog calls her, "The Grooviest Chick in the World," Ann-Margret, participating in a "happening" with friends to freak out her men's-magazine editor suitor. Annie is a "human paintbrush" (ah, weren't the Sixties wonderful?), rolling around in paint years before she did a similar sequence (with chocolate and beans) in "Tommy." The movie is a rarity (and is only good when the director is fawning over Annie), but the scene definitely deserves to be included in any good collection of mind-bending Sixties moments (it was such a "revelation" to male viewers it wound up getting a Playboy layout).


And is if Ann isn't enough on her own, while googling, I found a page devoted to "fanciful, feminine" bouffants--with Barbara Eden, Ginger from GILLIGAN'S ISLAND, and Edie Gormet! Here's a magical Joan Collins from BATMAN. Her wide-set amphibian eyes were so magic in the 50's and 60's.



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I called Carmen Electra the new Ann-Margret on my website.

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if you want more on the fantastic ann-margret, go here:

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