August 22, 2006


If you're a designer or desperate pop star scavenging for white hot NYC street trends, a new one's afoot: CLOWN DRAG. Vlada, a Hell's Kitchen venue which hosted a birthday bash for Rose Royale, attracted more than a dozen of the freaks, as well as other circus-inspired looks. Why Lavinia Co-op, who performed a vaudevillian Cinderella number, even arrived in a male clown look, and changed into another at showtime.


Having joined London's famed drag clown troop BLOOLIPS decades ago, "Lavvy" knows her circus attire, even accessorizing her arrival ensemble with an open beer, as if she were a bumbling alcoholic walking the streets. Ha! The folly of it!


Sherry Vine and singer Xavier caught outside against a wall of BRICKS. Sherry later regaled the birthday girl with a spirited LA VIE EN ROSE. Sherry's tiny birth nose has always enfuriated me--and she's a jew! Now before you haul off and call me anti-semitic, I'm jealous of anyone of any race with a nose that petite. Now you're really gonna call me anti-semitic. Someone just forwarded me Stephen Spielberg's letter to Mel Gibson. I am not knowledgeable about Mel's dad's views on the Holocaust, didn't see THE PASSION and have never cared one bit for Mel, his views on gays, his cocky alpha male roles or anything else about him. But I have to treat someone who's spouting off when very intoxicated with a little more leniency. Lord knows, there've been times when I've blacked out and have no idea what I've said for hours. From what I've read, Mel seems like a belligerent drunk who fell off the wagon and started mouthing off. He was clearly off his gourd--he was antagonizing the same cop who was running his fool ass in! Does this guy sound like someone in control of his faculties embarking on a measured hate campaign? Or a loudmouth drunk?


Based on THE PASSION OF CHRIST (which I did not see) it's imagined that Mel harbors resentment against jews which he's never voiced publicly. It's not like he held a press conference while sober saying "I hate jews." I don't care if his career does end since I'm not a fan, but I don't think anyone who's ever blown their top--ooh, sounds hot!--or harbored hidden hatred towards any group should be blacklisted based on their drunken outbursts. Whoever has never felt any dislike of any group or gotten totally sauced can cast that stone--not me. Think he's the only bigoted entertainer out there? He just one who got his ass caught. Perhaps he was particularly upset about the escalating Israeli attacks on Lebanon when he drunkenly spouted that nonsense about jews being responsible for every war. CNN reported yesterday that there was growing sentiment among Israelis themselves that their govenment had attacked Lebanon too aggressively. So maybe just a teensy, weensy bit of negative feelings, not towards jews worldwide, but towards the Israeli government's military aggression, was warranted, since it was even on the minds of some Israelis themselves? God, did I water that down enough? I wouldn't want Hollywood to blacklist ME. Of course, I guess they have to know who you are before they blacklist you. Gee whiz! Do I ever know how to bring down a party!


A popular cocktail waitress from legendary party Jackie 60--arguably one of the best parties in NYC during my lengthy apprenticeship here--Rose is also a well-loved regular at all of drag empress Sweetie's affairs. And speaking of Sweetie, what would any circus theme be without the fat lady?

Why, there's just more of her to love! The poor thing could barely handle the ardent affections of these two young bucks, who pawed at her finery until she almost lost her ladylike hostess's composure.

An alluring bearded, beaded lady was on hand with Linda SImpson, who selected a colorful print sheath dress, accessorized rather oddly with a black bag. No, I don't mean Xavier, behind her--her black clutch handbag!


(Though knowing Anita as I do, she may have taken a few contributions FROM AMFAR as well!) Promoter/East Village Radio jock Daniel Nardicio goofed around with Harry, who featured a balloon bra.

Nothing can make this fun-loving fox look bad, and I just had to get a full-length shot of her fantabulous gams. And lemme tell ya, it's only the young' uns that'll letcha snap 'em from underneath! (Sweetie galloped down those stairs before posing, as I myself would have!)

In fiery red striped with glitter, Tabboo! certainly knows how to make an entrance!

And if you don't notice her right away, she's quick to reveal her nuts, nestled girlishly inside her pantyhose! "It's natural!"

The Lucky Cheng's gals were out in full force, including the buxom Baby Ru. This is one 'baby" who could breastfeed her damn self!

Also, Cheng's fav's like Brie and these lovelies, whose names I'm ashamed I don't remember. But the Cheng's girls turned it. Brie did her famous water-drenched version of MY HEART WILL GO ON and you gotta hand it to this young asian fox, this outfit shows a lot of effort for a Monday night!

Former Cheng's regular Codie Ravioli looked ravishing. The cunt's been around since Boybar, on through Disco 2000 and all of Pat Field's incarnations. HOW DOES SHE DO IT???? Naturally, there was a hunky young man close by her. Or is that her son?

And new Cheng's girl Violeta gave us some serious coiffure action. She lip-synched to a fiery monologue I'd never heard about baton-twirling from DESIGNING WOMEN.

Lavinia disappeared (as did the contents of her beer, I imagine) and reappeared as a shemale clown.

Her Vaudevillian number about a forlorn Cinderella brought the house down. Look closely and you'll note a young girl, enraptured with the veteran performer, literally stroking her pussy!

Rainblo, looking chic with expertly applied make-up, sang a funny little original ditty called EAST VILLAGE COCKSUCKER, which I'm sure took her years of research to write.

But the tension in the air was palpable, as it was rumored that drag diva H.R.H. Princess Diandra would be recreating her fabled Diana Ross impression as a birthday treat for Rose. But what's a birthday without a surprise? Diandra gagged us all by showing up as Arsenio Hall instead! Or was that Robert Guillaume?

DJ Johnny Dynell did his very best to keep up with the "girls" poorly-labelled, skipping show cd's.

But tempestuous diva Diandra let him know that she was going to REACH OUT AND SMACK SOMEBODY'S FACE if they did not gt the right track on!

Once the brief technical kink was worked out, Diandra, as always, slayed them like 1000 pounds of dynamite!

A tough act to folow, I took off after D's medley. Pity. I was told that one heifer with jugs bigger than Baby Ru's did a strip-tease which involved tits and cock dangling, right down onto a beer bottle which she then drank from! Then Julee Atlas Muse took to the stage as Jon Benet Ramsey, complete with wound marks!

Brandon Oleson was shocked!

But not as shocked as i was when I arrived home to see Anderson Cooper discussing palm prints, footprints, and the DNA of the alleged Jon Benet murderer. Exhaustively covering the background of a man who may have killled a girl who died years ago. I sure wish we were a little more concerned about the Iraqi teen who was raped by a US soldier and then watched while he and other soldiers murdered three of her family members. Aren't you glad your tax dollars are paying for rape and murder?


Blogger Alexis du Bois said...

Heartening so see so many old friends still tapping to the beat. But, you are right; the only thing more bothersome than US-funded Israeli missles leveling apartment buildings is Linda's black bag. Did the shoes at least match?

10:03 PM  
Blogger Alexis du Bois said...

Oh, and Tabboo proves Armenian women don't shave.

10:10 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Bunny--you faked us out! In and amongst all this society fluff was a thoughtful statement on Mel Gibson's outburst! If you keep this up, you won't be eligible for the short bus anymore! (But we'll still give you an extra pudding at recess. :-))

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn girl, two articles in one... and both were a drag.

Anyway... so, the "fat lady" you mentioned.... when I saw the first picture I thought it was a long lost lovechild of you and Cashetta...

just sayin'

4:40 PM  
Blogger OperatorNYC said...

Thanks again for the reality check re: JonBenet's 24 hour news cycle versus the slaughter of innocent civilians and our own troops in Iraq. The JB killer is police blotter, not freakin' headline news. Drink the Kool Aid kids, drink the Kool Aid, and forget about the bad men that run our country.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Tim Hurley said...

And I thought last week afetr a night out in the East Village kahki frat boys, that things had changed. The BILLIONS of dollars we spend in Iraq could be going toward something truly hair and lube. Bush is a crime scene.

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where was LARDY Burny

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I can see a degree of merit in mitigating the Mel Gibson anti-semetic outburst, I think that the rationale your provide for it requires reconsideration.

I see your point that the Gibson thing was a drunken outburst. However, if it was against, say, African Americans and he used the "n" word, there wouldn't be a soul defending him.

To blame an entire people for the act of one country is quite narrow. Without getting into the propriety of the war in Israel and Lebanaon (and, frankly, I don't see how you from the East Village nor I from West Hollywood wouldn't sound assinine commenting on a situation in which a working knowledge of the history would require years of study), I do think that excusing Mel Gibson's comment about Jews on the basis of Israel going into Lebanon is wrong. What does a US Jew have to do with Israel, a sovereign nation half way across the world? Are Irish Americans who have been here for generations responsible for what the country of Ireland does? Your rationale is the same rationale that got Japanese Americans into concentration camps here in the states during the second world war.

I relish the fact that we live in a country wehre you are able to express your opinion so freely. I fidn your blog extremely entertaining. I may not always understand your political position (or perhaps the zeal thereto).

Above all else, I find your opinions always rooted in a common sense logic. I failed to see the logic in this one and was disappointed.

2:40 PM  
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