July 06, 2006


At the Helen Hayes Theater. Cheap seats for previews but these whore sell out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Kiki she is something else alright

I've got both they cds, Do You HEar what ewe hear? and the yellow and black one

My favorite is on Do You Hear what we hear when Kiki asks Herb to accompany her in creating an impromptu jazz number which consists of Herb banging out some dark, mentally ill dissonant chords and Kiki, whisper-screaming "jazz...I feel it in my bones. I feel like Skeletor, Skeletor, Skeletor! Squawk keetch la kookray scotch keek la kookray! Jazz!" and she cracks Herb upo and you can hear him laughing

I like that

And also that eerie screaming howl intro to I am not sure if it's a Tori Amos song or Kurt "suicide boy" Kocaine

But she is a shitty mess, shittier than bUnny

and honey,that's shitty

1:36 PM  

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