July 25, 2006


From Alan Peppard's column in The Dallas Morning News: SHE'S NO LADY

No, you weren't imagining it, that was a drag queen strolling through the W Hotel – a very famous drag queen. While the Meeting Professionals International convened in Dallas, event planner and reality TV regular Steve Kemble threw together a soiree for them at the W. Among the highlights was drag DJ Lady Bunny, whom Steve flew in to spin tunes.
Another highlight: models in black latex bodysuits cruising through the crowd on electric scooters, offering hors d'oeuvres.

Strolling! Honey I was prancing! Shee hee! I'm infiltrating the red states! I must say that the new W is awful glitzy. And honey, will those Texas gals ever make your hair feel small! I did giggle listening to western-themed disco "hit" DEPUTY OF LOVE in their fab gym. (Don't laugh!) I also reunited with my Pyramid-era drag sister Tangella Deville. Anyone remember this rarified drug--I mean--drag diva of yore? She did a mean live rendition of Nancy Sinatra's SUGARTOWN, which is mentioned on this Wigstock memories page on the the official WIgstock site: WWW.WIGSTOCK.NU. I think it she performs SUGARTOWN on the original version of WIGSTOCK: THE MOVIE, a film short by Tom Rubnitz of PICKLE SURPRISE FAME. Somebody please put it on youtube!

Speaking of PICKLE SURPRISE, since filmmaker Charlie Atlas, who inherited director Tom Rubnitz's masters uploaded PICKLE, it seems to have created a mini-sensation. Someone even emailed me dying to know exactly what Sister Dimension is saying in one line: For the record, it's "Place ham thusly."

Tom would be so tickled that PICKLE has been rediscovered! Here's one entusiastic email about it:

Bunion - my friend Jane from NJ has been playing "Pickle Surprise" to her two boys - Sid 3 & Jake 8 and they want to make a new "Pickle Surprise" - funniest thing - Jake wants to be the pickle man and Sid wants to be RuPaul (Tonight they called me and Sid was saying"Mmmmmmm Tasty") - obviously FABULOUS SICK KIDS! Jane told them - that's Bunny - that's Rupaul - oh dear lord. Anyway - we've racked some ideas around but I wouldn't want to undertake this without your blessing, Darla. By the way, I would play the Lady Bunny role. Jesus and hail cher full of grace - what do I get myself into?


and you should post this on your blog

I work at a law firm and being obsessed with "Pickle Surprise" I have been playing it for everyone at the firm - and being the gayest thing in the firm I have a lot of friends there ... also - it must be watched minimally twice to get it down ..... so this afternoon - after a gay liquid lunch with a company that is trying to lure loooooooooore me away because they know a gaynesse dish is better than a straight dumbass + with lots'o $ and I said - YESSUM - another bottle of wine - WELL when I got back to my office and was stumbling around my office gathering the ipod, manpurse, et al, this secretary and her attorney - some new kid - first year associate must be 26 years old (dear time machine) came into my office to ask me to KEEP IT DOWN! The office on the other side of me was never filled (or never by a big tall glass of milk doofus) and he said "WELL YESTERDAY I KEPT HEARING THIS WEIRD SONG OVER AND OVER" =====AND I JUST HEARD IT AGAIN!" ..... oh dear - well I told him it was "Pickle Surprise" and that I would send him the link but I had to get out of the office and then get trapped in another tropical monsoon - but who cares - PICKLE SURPRISE LIVES ON!


FROM VBD.ORG: Until his untimely death from AIDS in 1992, Tom Rubnitz produced short, humorous videotapes featuring some of New York's most outrageously talented musicians, artists, and drag queens. Influenced by mass media entertainment, Rubnitz crafted hilarious videos which simultaneously celebrated and parodied pop culture with bountiful energy and inventiveness.

By the way, Tom's entire catalogue, WIGGY, SEXY. DESSERTY, can be purchased, or if your'e cheap, you can just watch the clips on this site:


Some highlights include Ann Magnuson's absolutley dynamite MADE FOR TV.


THE MOTHER SHOW starring the unreal FRIEDA, THE LIVING DOLL, who whipped Wigstock audiences into a frenzy before retiring a few years ago.

Sister Dimension at her finest in THE FAIRIES--you must watch the clip!

WIGSTOCK: THE MOVIE--the clips not too representative of the whole piece but it does feature French Twist.

And STRAWBERRY SHORTCUT, a companion to PICKLE SURPRISE, which features Billy Betond and Sister D. in elf drag!

Oh, and THE DRAG QUEEN MARATHON, which is so ancient that I'm actually wearing a bare midriff ensemble as the Pyramid "girls" take a limo (which Tom sprung for) around Manhattan on a sightseeing and drinking binge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Bunny, I thoguht it was YOU talking & that you said: "Plop the ham thusly, please!"

I love "Pickle Surprise" and even though I'm excited to see the remakes, I don't think it will ever be surpassed!

12:23 PM  
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GLlistening Shit Spears

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BIG love from East 10th Street, Bunny!

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