June 29, 2006


RUN TO SEE THIS GENIUS SHRIEK-FEST! I have never squealed so much in my life! Amy is a complete moron and her entrance during the science project presentation redefines show business! This raucous comedy is the antidote to all the crap which ain't worth $10.75. Nowadays, Hollywood is so desperate for ideas that they're remaking everything and not even improving on the originals. So said the reviews for the recent remake of The Omen. So please, with something this fresh and offbeat and funny on the market, talk to these movie execs with the only language they understand--TICKET SALES!

It was also a hoot to see scenesters Dee Finley, Gina Varla Vetro and Billy Erb with cameos. Someone just told me that this flick got terrible reviews. Shocking! I can't remember laughing out loud more at any film ever. OK, so the sugar and caffieine of Diet Coke and milk duds may have mae me a titich more excitable than usual, but this is a smash hit in my opinion and I will definitely buy it when it comes out on dvd.


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let us not forget David Sedaris
Who is the chicken to her egg

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