June 28, 2006


Apparently, the "actor" who played Screech on 80's shitcom SAVED BY THE BELL is broke and selling t-shirts in an attempt to keep his house. Please check out the demented diva Jackie Beat's take on Screech's plight. (Scroll down a little--it's currently the 2nd entry.)


If you crave more Screech-bashing, there's actually a website called WWW.SCREECHSUCKS.COM


Blogger Aaron said...

I hope Mr. Diamond is reading Jackie's blog! It just may save his life (or at least his house) if he follows her advice. What better revenge against the "Shaved Bi In Hell" creators than to bastardize their only lucrative creation for such a purpose!

Her only mistake was in calling the show a "steaming pile of crap." It stopped steaming as soon as it was freshly laid...after that, it was just tepid and yucky! :-)

11:30 AM  

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