June 02, 2006


FROM CITY RAG: Faye Dunaway becomes the latest actress to succumb to Madamism, (a term we coined for the puppet like features caused by too many face lifts.) Thanks for sending this, City Rag, but I think it's the face lifts in conjunction with the
silicon cheek implants and an old-aged sharpened chin, which develops as the nose hooks over to meet the witchier chin. But I love your collage!



Blogger ayeM8y said...

I feel certain that these celebrities have had work done. However I don't think Madame ever did, she was stunning up until the day that Wayland Flowers passed. It's a case of flattery, these stars wish to be more like Madame. Kind of like Michael Jackson and Dianna Ross. Celluloid is no longer the star's plastic of choice for eternal beauty, it has been replaced with silicone. That or Dr. 90210 has a mean streak!

1:09 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Sort of off-the-topic, but have you noticed that Laura Bush has been doing something with the botox or something lately? Her eyes are so dead-looking...now she and hubby are a matching pair--dead from the neck up! :-)

3:14 PM  

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