June 10, 2006


From KXAN:

BURBANK, Calif. Al Gore jokes he's been getting a taste of the movie star treatment.

The former vice president was on the "Tonight" show last night. Host Jay Leno asked about the reaction to Gore's documentary on global warming, "An Inconvenient Truth."

Gore says since he's been on the Hollywood A-list, he's had a huge feud with Lindsay Lohan. When Leno asked for details, Gore said Lohan "knows what she did." The line got a big laugh.

Gore also jokes he might consider a nude scene in his next movie if the script had integrity and it advanced the story.
On the serious side, Gore says he has no plans to run for president again. He says he's "been there and done that."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw it

Loved it

He was here in Nashville to premiere An Inconvenient Truth a few weeks ago at Belcourt Theater and the film will be shown here at Regal Green Hills 16 this summer

In case you're in Nashvegas and wanna swing on by

Love you Bunny

Can I have ny tampons back, the unused ones only please

4:47 PM  
Blogger Uncle Zoloft said...

Dear Lady Bunny,
Your joke inspired me my blog today.
...still wiping coffee off my key board & monitor!
Uncle Z

btw: we're headed up from SC for the Pride march look for us in our Militant Homosexuals With An Agenda gear.

8:07 AM  

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