May 16, 2006


1. Record-high prices paid by consumers have fueled the $342.4 billion in profits enjoyed by the major oil companies since Bush has been president.

2. We'll never be able to produce our way to lower prices, because America is already the third-largest producer of oil in the world. The United States produces more oil every day than Iran, Kuwait and Qatar combined. The problem is that we consume more oil than any other country; every day, we use one of every four barrels of oil consumed in the world.

3. On average, it costs a company like ExxonMobil about $20 to extract a barrel of oil in Nigeria, Alaska or elsewhere. The company then sells it to American consumers for $70 a barrel.

4. A new income tax on these windfall profits could be dedicated to funding clean energy fuels, renewable energy, energy efficiency and increased investment in mass transit.

5. Strengthening fuel economy standards will make news cars more efficient, allowing them to use less gasoline. Improving fuel economy standards to 40 miles per gallon over the next decade will reduce our oil consumption by one-third.

Ready to take action? Demand to know why energy costs are so high. GO TO: ACTION.CITZEN.ORG


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lady Bunny,

That's the best goddamn thing you've ever posted. Believe me, down here in N'Awlins big oil pisses us off. They've been raping us for years and polluting us while they strip away our coastal wetlands (a natural protection against storms) for their profit. Then, thanks to global warming and higher temperatures in the gulf of Mexico (caused by fossil fuels), we are now the bullseye for killer storms.

So there you go, the death of an important culture thanks to greed, convenience, and the american way.

Hurricane season starts June 1st and we're all shitting our pants because apparently we have enough money to try to take over the world, but not enough money to build some goddamn levees and floodgates.

Sorry for the rant.

Come on down and see us in Atlantis again before it's all gone.

It's later than anyone thinks.


2:33 AM  
Blogger VaneSSa said...

As someone belonging to the upper middle class who can afford a 12,000 mile plane ride every 18 months or so with still enough dosh to give away to Oxfam, CARE, etc. I can "still" live with high fuel prices. What angers me is that these obscenely huge petrol profits fund the unsavory agendas of George "Dubya" Bush and his neo-cons. Like making it hard for gays and lesbians to live fruitful lives anywhere on the planet. Not to mention bankrolling the Saudi Royal Household's Wahabbist agenda.

6:05 AM  

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