April 28, 2006


Even the grannies are braving their bunions and accident-prone hips to take to the streets and march against this sham of a war in Iraq. Too bad the senile heifers thought they were protesting the Vietnam War! And there were four senators arrested today at a Darfur protest. Randi Rhodes and Susan Sarandon will march in NYC tomorrow and more immigration protests nationwide coming up. Even if you have zero interest in politics, wouldn't the sheer number of protests (and of course, the increased gasoline prices for the conscience-free christians of the great US of A) indicate that something is intrinsically wrong with the direction in which our country's heading? Oh yeah, and I will be taking it to the streets personally this weekend in an extra short support hose-showcasing mini and highest heels (the highest Payless makes, anyway) to raise public awareness on another grave issue: GRAY-HAIRED FAKE CUNTS WITH SORES ON THEM NEED TO BE FUCKED, TOO!


US court clears anti-war grannies

The group hope to motivate other senior citizens to take action
A US court has acquitted a group of 18 grandmothers of disorderly conduct for staging a rally against the Iraq war outside a military recruiting centre.
The defendants, known as the "Granny Peace Brigade", were arrested in October and charged on two counts.

The courtroom burst into cheers and applause as the judge gave his verdict.

The group's co-founder said it was "encouraging to know you can still protest legally" in the US and said more demonstrations were being planned.

Joan Wile also said she hoped the case would motivate other senior citizens who might otherwise believe they were too old to take part in demonstrations.

"I think we've shown them that it is not over and that they still have an important role to play in life," she said.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Bunion, pick your scabs and let the pus run free, Hope your heels are red though.

1:06 AM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

Red heels? Well, duh! To match my red, brown and yellow striped hose that I've had on for 2 months! --B

8:11 AM  
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