April 02, 2006


She was roundly ridiculed, protested and then the shit hit the fan when she admitted that the US had made 1000's of technical errors in Iraq.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the UK I think one of the most important attributes to any politician of whatever political persuasion is to be able to public speak and debate. That is what the government is supposed to be able. In the UK the press question politicians. They have to be able to speak, to be asked any question and are expected to answer it. Why did you make this decision? Were you wrong? etc There is much harder questioning here than in America (I think) and there is no chance of choosing your questions or selecting your press beforehand. It would look bad and weak in the public eye.

They are expected to answer basically whatever is thrown at them live and just have to prepare for that!

She got a press conference and had to answer questions. But I wonder why are these things never asked live by the media in America?

There are rules which rule out bias in the media here. Newspapers are bias to parties but tv news has to be totally unbiased (or try to be) and so there currently cannot be a UK version of Fox News. All politicians get hard questions from right wing nazi maniacs to Tony Blair.

I think she did well in the press conference, just she was a PR nightmare really! She admitted mistakes! *gasp*

Darling you are fabulous! you have no idea how hard it was to get Wigstock in the UK before the internet was really about! I had a video from America sneaked through customs at cost! and its such a watched video! *mwahs*

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