March 19, 2006


Love these new video hosting sites! Bedazzled hosts several weird clips including this bizarre interview with J.B. right after he popped his wife with a pipe (presumably after sucking on a smaller pipe) and is out on bail, but seems to be feeling no pain on LA's SONIA LIVE.


There's also a schmaltzy Beatles medley featuring Bobbie Gentry, Engelbert Humperdink, Gwen Verdon (what an entrance!) and the always terrible cornball Bing Crosby! The arrangement is freakish but the staging is so cool and Bobbie mesmerizing!!


I'm sure that cover would make the dead Beatles turn over in their grave and Paul McCartney gnaw Heather's fake leg off in agony, but it's not as bad as this stale, half-baked cover of BREAD's smash IF: Telly Savalas butchers it, talk-singing it in between puffs of his trademark cigar on DINAH SNORE!


I guess the idea was, we need to milk these big stars' talents. They can't sing, so we'll have them recite poetry set to music. (Maybe Britney and Enrique Iglesias should give this a try.) In this clip, a handsome young William Shatner reads a women's lib poem called WHERE IS IT WRITTEN set to music.


There's plenty more on this site and you may want the home address cuz there are different types of files for each vid, as well as plenty other vid's to choose from.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Shangri-las clips alone are worth a visit to Bedazzled. I've seen countless camp classics there over the last couple years. I Wuzdazzled.

12:58 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Gwen Verdon sang quite awfully, didn't she, poor thing? (Poor! Hell, what am I saying? Nobody came to hear her sing!)

Bobbie WAS amazing, as always. I used to DESPISE "Ode to Billie Joe" and would leave the room when it came on the radio, but grew to like it later.

I didn't watch the other clips yet. I can't wait now!

4:47 PM  
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