February 25, 2006


A couple of upcoming event New Yorkers may wanna check out:

WITCH HUNT: FROM SALEM TO GUANTANAMO and TRIBUTE TO TITUBA (a personal childhood hero of mine--didn't know there were others!)

Kicking off the festivities will be the art exhibit that will open at BAAD!( Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance) on Saturday, March 4 at 6pm. The exhibit, curated by Cassandra, is titled WITCH HUNT: FROM SALEM TO GUANTANAMO. The show takes on past and present inquisitions, visually protests the persecution of difference and dissent, and feeds the spirit of resistance. Featured artists include damali abrams, Sassy Arce, Emily Caruso, Alejandra Delfin, Melanie Dunston, Maggie Ens, Stephanie Foxx, Yasmin Hernandez, Shizu Homma, Yuliya Lanina, Barbara Ann Levy, Sonia Melara, Mimi Perez, Ellen Pollan, Leah Tinari and Reyez .

There will also be a community altar where attendees are encouraged to bring an item to honor the BAAD! ASS WOMEN/WITCH in their lives (living or dead).
The exhibit will be up throughout the festival and until May 20.

Following the artists reception, at 8pm, BAAD! presents a Tribute to Tituba, a multi-disciplinary salute to the only woman of color persecuted by the Salem Witch Trails. The Tribute features the following High Priestesses of Fierceness: dancer extraordinaire Malinda Allen, Native American Singer and heroic defender of sacred sites Barbara James Snyder, work by Bronx-based choreographer Christal Brown of INSPIRIT DANCE, award winning Tituba-inspired author and aritist Debbie Officer, as well as a shout out from the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) for good measure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I once read an amazing book by the West Indian writer Maryse Conde about Tituba, the only black woman tried as a witch in Salem. The novel is written as a memoir. Tituba really lets those little white girls have it.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I wish I could go, do you suppose they'll also tour and stop here in Nashville, I'm sure there would be a meager turn out

That will be a good one

Are you going, Bunny?

5:02 PM  
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