January 15, 2006


An excerpt from a fantastic article from The Guardian about women's obsession with depilatory procedures, which might also be of interest to a few hairy shemales I know!

How has it come to this point? Why are women increasingly aspiring towards the Posh Spice archetype on body hair: loads and loads on the top of your head (augmented, if necessary, with costly extensions); reasonable amounts of well-tended hair in the eyebrow region (conversely, the days of the pencil-fine eyebrow line are far behind us); super-luxuriant eyelashes (amplified with two-coat mascara systems); and then nothing - not even a stray wisp - from the lower lash, down (give or take an evenly pruned landing strip in the pubic region). When was the entirely arbitrary model on acceptable body hair decided upon? And by whom? And more significantly yet, 35 years after Germaine Greer condemned the removal of body hair in The Female Eunuch, writing: 'Men cultivate it... women suppress it, just as they suppress all aspects of their vigour and libido... ' How is it that we - enlightened, intelligent, liberated us - have become more squeamish about our excess body hair, rather than less? Cultural commentators believe that, as male and female roles become more and more interchangeable, so the desire to distinguish between the genders in other ways becomes more pronounced. For women, removing vast quantities of body hair is a straightforward way to do this. It's true that depilatory demands have risen in step with women's position in society.


And, slightly related:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

BUNNY!, How dare you give away my
trade secrets, as of late I've been using a hint of blue to match my highlights.shhhhhhhhhh.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Mistress_Mini said...

Girl on the right is totally rocking my favorite look...overly lined dark lips and light lipstick! & while we're at it, where's their rhinestone encrusted acrylics???

6:33 PM  

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