January 28, 2006



Sweetheart of the drag community Sherry Vine (aka "Scary Swine") is back from her 4-year stint in Berlin. She's rejoined forces with Erik Jackson, the resident playwright from Theatre Couture, the mad-cap ensemble of thespians which delighted '90's fags with productions like THE BAD WEED '73 and CHARLIE. After a 5-year hiatus, the teams hard at work with their latest project: creating a new stage version of CARRIE with Sherry in the title role. Stephen King, impressed by the quality of Erik's treatment of his classic flick, greenlighted the new version himself! (I guess the shame has subsided from the extremely short-lived CARRIE the Broadway musical which closed immediately after it's opening night, didn't it?) Rumor has it that Jackie Beat is being wooed for the juicy role of Carrie's mom, and I can't imagine anyone I'd rather see chew the scenery in that demented role than Jackie. She has quite an appetite, so the scenery budget will be enormous. Rumor also has it that although she's CARRIE's biggest fan, Jackie is hesitating to commit to the role and return to NYC for the extended off-B'way run, which will begin this spring. Jackie fans! Contact this whore and insist that she pour her rolls into that demented role! And make sure you tell her "They're all gonna laugh at you!"



James Frey endorsing your upcoming book is kind of a mixed blessing. Of Josh-Kilmer Purcell's somewhat fictionalized autibiography, I AM NOT MYSELF THESE DAYS, the author of the controversial A MILLION TINY PIECES has said, "A wonderful book, a ridiculous book, a sad and beautiful book, a book I'll read again, a book I highly recommend. I went to jail for 87 days for stealing it and I girlfriend hung herself when I wouldn't lend it to her." I added the last bit, but hopefully Mr. Frey was telling the truth when he wrote this blurb for Miss-ter Kilmer-Purcell! Anyhoo, Josh cut quite a smashing figure on the '90's club circuit as his drag persona Aqua, in a dishevelled blonde mane and a Barbarella-looking costume with goldfish swimming inside of lucite tittie globes. To quote the advance copy's back cover:

"Josh-Kilmer Purcell lived a double life. By day, he was a successful young advertising executive. But by night, he wouldtrade in his corporate universe for high heels and sequins, performing in downtown nightclubs as a drag queen before returning to the uptown penthouse he shared with his crack-addicted male escort boyfriend. In this powerfully written, emotional roller coaster of a memoir, Kilmer-Purcell blends the tawdry and highly dramatic world of drag with a soulful and ironic perspective on his journey through life and love."


Aqua hung up her heels and banged out her autobigraphy, I AM NOT MYSELF THESE DAYS, which is published in February by Harper Perennial. Josh will do a reading at:

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 07:00 PM
675 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10009

I'll be attending with my new boyfriend (Josh's ex). And please, no tacky fish jokes!


Beloved drag magician/comedienne Cashetta has left Manhattan for the sunny shores of Fart Lauderdale. But she's locked in for a season at the Crown and Anchor in P'town this summer, so make sure you catch her act if vacationing there. Her magic tricks have become so polished, but she still can't make that pesky Adam's apple disappear!




Vegas is still recovering from the onslaught of NYC drag royalty Joey Arias and Raven O relocating there for Cirque Du Soleil's ZUMANITY a couple of years ago. But watch out! Now that asian-themed drag restaurant Lucky Cheng's is opening a similar establishment in Vegas, and they're flying in HRH Princess Diandra, one of the world's greatest lip-synch artistes, to get the party started on the right calloused, heavily bunion-ated, hammer-toed, aching foot. Between Joey and Diandra, Vegas had better stock up on the liquor, cuz this "Twat Pack" could drink the Rat Pack under the table and then blow them while they're down there. (I know that the Rat Pack is dead, but that's never stopped Joey before. He has sex with a corpse every time he masturbates!) You've all heard the oldest drag saying "The more you drink, the prettier we look." Well it's a good principle, since with Joey and Diandra, the more they drink, the uglier they get. So it all balances things out. Joining Diandra at Lucky Cheng's is the legendary Hot Chocolate. They're incredible old school entertainers and they both impersonate Patti and Tina. Uh oh...........Catfight approaching.


Alan Cumming has tapped into talents the downtown drag community for his upcoming production of THREEPENNY OPERA, and dancing fool Edie, The Empress of Large Flotilla Debarge, and Pyramid/Wigstock founder/Jackie 60 goddess Hattie Hathaway have all nabbed parts. Wow! With hags that cheap in the show, maybe he should consider changing the title to TWOPENNY OPERA? Fortunately, Cyndi Lauper and SNL's Ana Gasteyer will tone up the cast. It opens March 24th at the Studio 54, a perfect setting for the "deliciously dark satire of respectable society" featuring "dashing thieves" and "saucy prostitutes". I hope Hattie isn't playing one of the "saucy prostitutes". "Sauced", yes. Prostitute? Well, this IS New York, so I'm sure there's somebody out there with a Mrs. Beasley-on-steroids-fetish and a pocketful of change. Hattie also appears in the soon-to-be-released autobiographical film on Diane Arbus, FUR, starring Nicole Kidman. Hattie is typecast as one of the legendary photog's freakish subjects.




Comic genius/author Mike Albo join the deliriously rancid comedy troupe PU PU PLATTER, every Wednesday at Starlite. 9:30 PM (10:00 in reality and it's free! (Except for on 2/14, when they went and got their fancy butts a gig in LA.)


The elaborate preparations are well underway for the 20TH ANNUAL NIGHT OF 1,000 GOWNS, a chi-chi affair which will draw hundreds of well-heeled, heavily-tiaraed and ball-gowned heifers fromThe Imperial Court to the Marriott Marquis on Saturday, April 1st, 1883. T.M.I.S.M. (What does this mean?) Emperor HIV--I MEAN XIV--Tony Monteleone and Empress XIX Robin Kradles, shown here in her 2005 coronation gown, will graciously bestow the crown, scepter and customary back-stabbing to the Emperor XV Fantasia and Empress XX Gefil Tefish. The $200 ticket price goes to benefit GOD'S LOVE WE DELIVER and to renting a hotel ballroom swanky enough to host these haughty ho's, many of whom even book suites at their host hotel--how on earth could a bona fide empress ever be seen hailing a taxicab? Enjoy a 5-hour open bar and "Viennese buffet" with co-chairs Whoopi Goldberg and Joan Rivers and Blaine Trump. Last year Deborah Cox sang fuh them faggots.



Linda Simpson has successfully revived her fabled 'zine MY COMRADE and a new issue is fast-approaching. It's scheduled to hit newstand (there's only one that sells that crap) in mid-February. For more info, check out MYCOMRADE . There is no better guide to the NYC "in crowd" of queens, with Linda, who moonlights at TIME OUT when not hosting bingo, as befits her advanced age. The new issue includes my interview with an especially "on" Jackie Beat, an erotically-charged photo story with Milan of Da Lipstyxx and plus-sized diva Sweaty--I mean, Sweetie (Oy vey! we should charge to have to look at these two in erotic situations!), Tom Eubanks recalling the colorful drag-queen slang of the Boybar era, Sister Dimension providing a nutty tale about the mystical journey that drag queens go through when applying makeup, and a remembrance of Eddie Murphy's infamous encounter with a transsexual prostitute by Peaches Henderson aka Xavier (of Give Me The Night fame.)


Lypsinka is taking a wig-break while her "male" altered ego John Epperson gears up for a run of the play he's been writing for years. Called MY DEAH (to be pronounced with a "Daddy, would you mind bringin' little ol' me another mint julep onto the veranda?" accent), it draws on the greek tragedy MEDEA--get it? But it's not a tragedy, or at least not intentionally, anyway. The new play spotlights Gator Hedgepeth, a former Mississippi football star, and his plans to abandon his wife, My Deah -- an ex-beauty queen from Louisiana with a penchant for a gossip-filled bridge game -- to marry Simplicity Bullard, the daughter of the corrupt, one-armed Governor Bullard. When My Deah confronts her card-dealing friends (and Governor Bullard) and she lays out her plans for revenge. Y'all just might could die laughin'!

Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex
312 W. 36th St.

Tickets: 212-868-4444 $19.00

April 21, 2006-May 7th 2006


According to the NY Times, it's drag king Murray Hill. You have to visit Murr's cute--I mean, fittingly masculine--site to see every which way this geezer's swinging, with everything from a regular Wednesday night gig at Mo' Pitkins to hosting an Oscar party and The Miss Galapagozango Contest at Galapagos in Brooklyn. What an ol' trooper!

His full schedule here: MRMURRAYHILL.COM


As for little ol' me, I'll be performing at the MAO magazine party at Sol on 2/2 along with a stellar line-up of THE WORLD FAMOUS BOB, CANDIS CAYNE, DIRTY MARTINI and KITTEN DEVILLE. On 2/3 I'll be djing at Stella McCartney's white-hot boutique in the meat market for a fashion week shindig, and my next gig is in Tokyo, spinning for a Visionaire magazine soiree on 2/15. I ain't been there for 15 years, so I'm gonna hang around for a few days and try to make it to those ancient temples in Kyoto. By the time I get back I'll probably be throwing my high-heeled flip flops in the air in an authentic geisha wig squirting out fish and soy sauce through the rice-encrusted ass-hairs which surround my newly slanted asshole!


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Bunny, your cheekbones look extra-succulent in the picture above.

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...and Bunny, I can whiff the frangrance of your pussy right through my screen....so there.

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